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Recuporator is a world leader in the design and manufacture of air-to-air plate and rotary head exchangers. Founded in 1973 by Antonio Contrado, Recuporator has always stood out in the marketplace because of its innovative, quality products.

Our products range in application from residential to commercial and through to industrial. To stimulate development on foreign markets, Recuperator engaged in specific marketing, expanding its network with agents worldwide. In recent years, products have continued to develop. Indeed, as far as most models are concerned, the latter have a press connected to their own assembly unit, for the pressing of plates. This has made possible mass production, aimed at new markets such as air-change equipment in small rooms, smoking areas and mobile telephonic industry, so as to meet widely-varying requirements. All in all, this has resulted in efficient, modernised operating plants. In recent years, the Company continued to invest in production, to ensure a product that is market leading and technologically advanced.

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