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MacroAir invented high volume low speed (HVLS) fans and continue to manufacture desirable commercial and industrial fans. Driven by four principles to move air precisely, efficiently, smoothly and infinitively. We offer outstanding customer service and best in class warranty offer. Our automation ready fans offer direct drive motors with onboard motor control, anodized airfoils, a patented safety system and multiple control features with reverse functionality.

Say goodbye to high energy cost, poor air quality and loud fans. The MacroAir range of commercial and industrial fans will keep your facility cool in moving high volumes of air floor to ceiling – keeping your employees comfortable, customers comfortable, improve work productivity all whilst delivering significant energy savings. Inversely we can keep you warmer in Winter by spinning the fans in the opposite direction to push warm air towards the floor and better distributing the stratified warm air from under the ceiling, easing heating usage and also providing cost savings. Additional benefits are reduction of pollution, contagions, viruses and humidity. Ultimately MacroAir fans help you achieve IAQ standards for overall health, comfort and performance.

MacroAir are a great climate control solution for all applications as they homogenise the air and cut down heating and cooling costs. Our products can be selected to suit floor plans, range in size to accommodate most spaces and ceiling heights.

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