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For over 30 years ATC have been leaders in the design, manufacture and supply of fabric / textile ducting products offering optmised air diffusion solutions and guaranteed air performance.

Coming in a wide variety of shapes and colours allowing free reign on design and imagination. Their advanced technology can be used for refrigerating, air-conditioning, refreshing, ventilating, or heating any atmosphere or alternatively transporting treated air. Applications include all types such as; industry, public buildings, commercial high rise, food-processing plants, logistics warehousing, pharmaceutical, defence and tertiary education, etc.

A creative and optically pleasing way to condition a variety of spaces, whilst usually more affordable than traditional metal duct and diffuser systems.

HVACR Supplies are the exclusive distributor of ATC products in Australia. For any product or sales information please contact the HVACR Supplies office.

For technical data please visit the Aero Textile Concepts (ATC) website

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